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Investing in Southwest Pennsylvania

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About the Region

Since its founding in 1758 the Greater Pittsburgh Region has reinvented itself several times. First, as the rural gateway to the then-Western United States. Second, as the steel producing industrial backbone of the world. And now as the most livable city in America with a robust network of universities, healthcare facilities, and vibrant civic communities.  Because of its many attractions and burgeoning economy, Pittsburgh has seen an ongoing economic resurgence.

Facts about the Region 

Founded: 1758
Incorporated: 1816
City Population: 305,841
Labor force: 155,100
Allegheny County Population: 1,231,527
Labor force: 657,800
Median Family Income (2012): $50,489
(Pittsburgh MSA) Unemployment Rate: 5.4%
Median Home Sale Price (Q2 2014): $137,000
Average High Temperature (July): 82.5° F
Average Low Temperature (January): 20.8° F

Living Here

Ranked “Most Livable” in the country by The Economist and a “Best of the World” destination by National Geographic Traveler for good reasons, the Pittsburgh region offers a total quality-of-place package. A low cost of living, affordable and diverse housing, green space, world-class arts and culture, three professional sports franchises and nationally acclaimed healthcare and education top the short list of amenities that make for a great life in the region.

Investment Opportunities

Imagine What You Can Do Here

Over the past three decades, the Pittsburgh region’s environment and economy has been re-made, and the region brims with opportunity.

For business investors, it delivers on essentials for success including strategic location, top-flight corporate real estate, a highly competitive cost of doing business and an amazingly affordable cost of living.

Advanced manufacturing, energy, financial and business services, health care and life sciences and information, and communication technology are the pillars of Pittsburgh’s regional economy. These pillars have led the establishment of an economy that is diversified and resilient.

There are more than 100, billion-dollar-plus global corporations that base their headquarters or a major business unit here, making the region a growing center for headquarters and corporate support operations. Headquarters and corporate support operations employment has been the fastest growing industry in the region. It increased by 55 percent since 2005, nearly 19 times the national rate. From fortune 500 companies (eight of them call the region home today) to boutique-type technology firms –and so many more businesses, in between- there are thousands of companies contributing to Pittsburgh’s balanced economy.

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